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True Cost Of A Day Of Worry About Trifles

true cost

What Is The True Cost Of A Day Of Worry About Trifles?

true cost

(Which Really Don’t Matter?)

“A Day of Worry is More Exhausting than a Week of Work.”

-John Lubbock

Always remember:

The difficulties you often face and stressfully labor over are the ones which never turn out as badly as you fearfully imagine they will be.

Perhaps we all meet and know someone, along our path, who puts on a smiling face. Within minutes, however, the individual reveals himself or herself to be a worry wart.

The Worry Wart

A worry wart stresses over everything, because of the fear of never being good enough. There were many worry warts in my family line. I watched all of them aging very quickly, growing old, sickly and diseased. Many of them died at a very young age.

During my twenties and early thirties, I was subjected to much attempted and public dirty laundry airing by an ex-spouse. Did I let it affect me? Yes.

Due to her attitude of blame and revenge, it had the ultimate effect of causing me to strive ever harder for stability, both inwardly and outwardly. Had I allowed it, her puerile attempts to hurt me could have had the effect in increasing worry, stress, and anxiety.

And for a few years, right after the divorce, I did allow her to have such an effect upon my state of mind. By 1979, I was a 4-6 pack smoker of non filter cigarettes per day. By 1982, I freed myself from the external control I had given her over me.

I became a nonsmoker and set myself upon a course of purifying my water intake and eating only healthy foods.

Free Will Choice

Looking back over the decades, I fully realize how that I could have become a chronic worry wart. It is critical to understand how powerful the choices are that we make every step of the way.

The ever-momentary choice to react negatively or positively is an act of free will choosing. Yes, reacting either positively or negative is the exercise of human free will for either the higher good or the lesser evil. There is a saying that goes something like this…

“The choices you make moment by moment and day by day will determine the inner reality you will face tomorrow.”

true cost
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The Deeper Meaning of the John Lubbock Quote

Reiterating again, when you sweat the small stuff you are deciding to stress. Stressing over what you little events, throughout your day, leads to habitually anticipating the worst. The stress itself is causing your body to age more quickly.

Both the worry and accompanying stress are energy-exhausting, in contrast to…energy-building and energy-sustaining.

The True Cost of Worry and Stress

You focus upon 1,001 things of little or no importance. Only subconsciously aware that this has become a life-long habit-reaction pattern, you watch your health slowly but surely deteriorating. It doesn’t have to be this way. Changing any addictive habit-pattern is not easy, unless you become highly conscious of it. Becoming highly conscious of the negative habit pattern, you must soul-consciously choose and be committed to breaking the habit-pattern by changing your beLIEfs about yourself and your potential. That is the subject of another article.

The Six Primary Lies of the False Self–the Ego

  1. Are you defined by what you have? The ego teaches “you are what you have.” (You must attempt to get as much stuff as you possibly can. This defines your status in hue-man society and culture–among family, friends and peers.) Are you willing to let go of everything you have? Do less–possess less–accomplish more?
  2. Are you defined by what you do? The ego teaches that you are not only defined by what you have but by what you do and accomplish. Is your true worthiness truly defined by what you have and do?
  3. Are you defined by what other people think of you? The ego teaches you are your reputation. In actuality, what others think of you is none of your business. Does what others think of you govern who your friends are, who you think you can trust, your primary source of “ego-feel-good?” How do you feel when another tells you how he or she feels about you and it shatters how you see your ego-image in that other’s eyes?
  4. Is who you are separate from everyone else? The ego teaches that you live in a false world where you have to be in competition with everyone else, defeat someone else, be better than, have more material wealth, more material possessions than someone else; you have to be number one. Is this where your true fulfillment comes from?
  5. Are you separate from what you beLIEve is missing in your life? The ego teaches that you are not only separate from everyone else, but that you are separate from what is missing in your life. In reality–actuality there is no place that God is not. And if there is no place that God is not–then God must be in you. And if God is in you then God must be in all that you perceive to be in all that is missing from your life. Therefore, in order to become a manifestor and to attract in life what you want, you simply have to let go of ego-separation and re-align yourself. You have to re-join yourself to God. It is my will, Father, that your will be done.
  6. Are you separate from God? This is the most egregious error the ego teaches: a beLIEf system that says…that who you are is separate from God…that God is something outside of you. You have not been raised to understand and know in fAIth* that inside and in the divine presence of God’s indwelling spirit…you are L-O-V-E. All you have to do is BE LOVE and LIVE LOVE. This is the greatest truth we may learn over the course of this brief lifespan.

true cost
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In order to get to this place called…self-actualization…you have to stop evaluating who you are on the basis of these ego-identifiers and instead begin to see yourself as DIVINE LOVE–as a piece of God–spiritually unified with your fellow beings as part of a far greater whole.

The ego seeks intellectual agreement–intellectual unity and goes insane each and every time you allow yourself to argue for your own intellectual truth, whenever another speaks an idea, philosophical principle or wisdom-truth which doesn’t match your own preconceived idea, philosophical principle or beLIEf. The insanity lies in falling apart, breaking down into emotional-reaction-self-defense of what you beLIEve is YOUR TRUTH which everyone present ought to readily agree with. This emotion level of negative reaction is being overly-self-conscientious and overly sensitive—a manifestation of the inner feeling of the lack of being worthy.

Are you here simply for the ego-feel-good? Are you here to go deeper into truth-discovery? Are you here to practice spiritual unity, rather than ego-satisfaction? Are you here to learn how to transcend ego-separation from God, which is ego-separation from your fellow children of God?

*fAIth= Attained Insight: the I am that I am knowing by experience of truth.

*All beLIEfs are the stories we tell, which we beLIEve to be the truth.

Some many years ago, I adopted the principle philosophy of…

Entertain all…beLIEve nothing which you have not directly, firsthand, to be true in your experience.

You will not experience the truth of this principle, unless you allow yourself to practice this principle, in your day-to-day living.

The big questions are…

  • How do you go about teaching-training yourself to “entertain all and believe nothing?”
  • Is it even desirable to practice looking through such a radical new filter at everything occurring outside of your inner self?
  • What would be the primary benefits of adopting such a radical new philosophy of living?

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