hillary clinton

They Never Thought She Would Lose!

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton | They Never Thought She Would Lose!

hillary clinton[QANON] WE ARE THE NEWS NOW


Apr 17th 2020


hillary clinton

“They NEVER thought she would lose.” Theory time! Q is a Quantum Computer, AI operates with Classical Computing. In classical computing a bit is a single piece of information that can only exist in two states 1 or 0. In quantum computing a qbit is a quantum system with 2 states,

HOWEVER, unlike a usual bit, they can store much more information than just 1 or 0, because they can exist in any superposition of these values. Quantum computing takes advantage of the strange ability of subatomic particles to exist in more than one state at any time.

Due to the way the tiniest of particles behave, operations can be done much more quickly and use less energy than classical computers. Quantum computers will be able to complete complex calculations in mere seconds – same calculations that would take today’s computers THOUSANDS
of years to solve.

Okay here are my thoughts. The cabal/deep state/dark/satanists (whatever you want to call them) have an AI super computer mapping out their scenarios/possibilities basically for world domination/human enslavement. Because it would operate under a “Classical Computing” system, it could not understand or factor in parallelism (more than one meaning or another possibility besides simulations 1 and 0, think MIRROR) to the simulation. Hence why Q says, they NEVER thought she would lose.

Now, I believe Q may be a quantum computer located on a satellite in space (think secret space programs) that is IMPOSSIBLE for the “cabal” to hack, and is likely now being protected by the newly formed Space Force. A quantum system would be impossible to manipulate. My mind is blown. 😂

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