the journey - first steps

1 The Journey Begins | All Spiritual Progress Begins with a Single Step

the journey

1 The Journey Begins

the journey - first steps

Every journey begins with a single step…

All dis-ease begins in the body-brain to mind-consciousness connection. The thoughts you ever-momentarily hold in your mind determines your state of sickness or health.  — Timothy Ray Walls

First Steps

When you watch a baby taking his or her first steps, you won’t remember your first steps, but it is a fact that we all started out with our first step, only to inevitably fall down, get back up, fall again, and with practice (repetition), we learned to walk. This is how the journey always begins for the hue-manimal electro-magnetic-chemical-energy-being.

We Are Not Born with Specialized Skills

Unlike our four-legged animal cousins, we are not equipped with full instinctual and adult-developed skills required for survival. Even our four-legged cousins must be watched over, as they achieve in minutes, hours and days what we, as infants, require months, years and decades to learn–acquiring vital experience, vital skills and vital perceptions to survive in hue-manimal culture on our own and independent from parents. For the hue-manimal infant the journey truly begins with a single step.

The Elastic and Programmable First Eight Years

  • What happened to you after the first eight years to stunt–retard your potentially unlimited progress, as an individual?

You were naturally curious. You were made to feel that your curiosity and asking question after question was not normal–abnormal. Reaching out to touch that fire received a swift and hard smack to the hand, maybe even on your little rear. The journey begins to take distorted detours through the body-brain to mind-consciousness connection.

Overwhelmingly Told “NO!”

You were told “NO!” an average of 50,000 times over the course of eighteen years that “you can’t do that. It is not allowed. You’ll never be an artist, a musician, a sculptor, an opera singer, a scientist, a great leader. So don’t even think about it.”

  • How many yesses did you hear?

You perhaps hear 100 yesses in the same period of time, if you were one of the very lucky ones. Follow me, as the journey begins with a deep exploration of the hue-manimal nature and psyche.

What is the Deeper Meaning of All This?

You Must Start with Building Your Foundation
  1. When you build a house, you must begin with building a foundation for the house.
  2. Then you construct the framework of the house.
  3. The finishing of the house is in the detail work.

Building optimal health is like building a house. You begin building optimal health by building the foundation for optimal health.

This first great major step is the cleansing of the body–Body Detoxification, which is a vital daily routine.

The second great major step is called Replenishing–the renewing of the digestive system, which is also a vital daily routine.

The third great major step is the framework which consists of taking in the Daily Core Nutrients vital to achieving and maintaining optimal health. This step is continual–the third vital daily routine.

The fourth great major step is in the details of finishing your great building project–making the home you live in a living work of art.

You cannot build a house by focusing on only one aspect of construction. A house without a solid foundation will not long stand; it will, in fact, collapse. And it must be done in the correct order. If an order of construction is not followed, it will never last; it will fall apart.

By taking a balanced and comprehensive approach, we are building the home we live in to last for many decades. This comprehensive plan is as follows:

1. Daily Cleansing–Body Detoxification.
2. Replenishing the digestive system nutrients for gut health balance.
3. Daily Intake of Core Vital Nutrients, which includes the rainbow of organic colors of vegetables, some fruits, nuts, filtered water, and herbal nutrient supplementation.
4. Living a Healthy Life-Style, which includes maintaining positive vibration thoughts about one’s own life-path journey and a positive regard for one’s fellow beings, low-impact exercise, sufficient daily hydration, sufficient and consistent sleep, and maintaining a healthy immune system.

When you set yourself upon your personal path to optimal health, it is a journey of sincere commitment and dedication to self-education in how to achieve step-by-step health improvement toward the realization of a sickness-free life.

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