it is well with my soul

It is Well with My Soul | Is It Well with Yours?


It Is Well with My Soul

it is well with my soul | Is It Well with Yours? from Timothy Walls on Vimeo.

Is It Well with Your Soul?


I share with you these words from the deepest depth of my soul
I choose life, freedom, love and to exercise self-control
your will be done, evermore…and it is well with my soul

It is well with my soul, and in wellness, I am made whole
in the moral matrix womb of mind, together, we grow
from the glowing seeds of sincerity and decision
the soul’s need is well satisfied in growing beyond the human

Across the whole of the Earth…there is no greater beauty
than the solemn trust bestowed of cosmic nobility
in duty of service within the cosmic family

It is well with my soul, and in wellness, I am made whole
in the moral matrix womb of mind, together, we grow
from the glowing seeds of sincerity and decision
the soul’s need is well satisfied in growing beyond the human

An unbroken connection to your indwelling spirit
paradise within…I can find no words to describe it
your indwelling spirit interprets…mind and soul are lit

It is well with my soul, and in wellness, I am made whole
in the moral matrix womb of mind, together, we grow
from the glowing seeds of sincerity and decision
the soul’s need is well satisfied in growing beyond the human

Mind and soul are lit up in the daily sharing of truth
growing into our sole focus out of a shattered youth
to serve the brotherhood is to do your will…to serve you,

It is well with my soul, and in wellness, I am made whole
in the moral matrix womb of mind, together, we grow
from the glowing seeds of sincerity and decision
the soul’s need is well satisfied in growing beyond the human

(Written 9/10/20)

  • Do you know that you have a soul? If you do, you are most fortunate. If you don’t or are unsure, read on.
  • An interesting question to consider is how would or do you know when all is not well with your soul?

Do You Know If You Have a Soul? 

Having had a wide variety of contacts with individuals from all walks of life, the answer may or may not surprise you.

My direct experience says that the majority of hue-man beings, across the planet have some vague idea of having a soul. But most are unable to say what the soul is or is not.

The simple truth is that if you are a moral hue-man being–one that doesn’t just consider what benefits you, alone, but also considers what may, at the same time, benefits those closest to you (and possibly outside your immediate circle), you have a soul.

The Soul Is Not a Complete and Perfected You

What most fail to comprehend is that the soul is not a complete and perfected real you.

You will beLIEve whatever you have been programmed to beLIEve about what your soul is and is not. However, it does not change the truth that your soul is not a fully matured real you–the real you that is becoming, day by day.

Your Soul Evolves as You Evolve

Stop for a moment to consider how you are born into your 3D material body experience. You are a more than less “clean slate.” Every specialized hue-man skill must be evolved (developed). This is a fact of hue-man existence, one of the many unusual aspects which separate us out of the animal world.

As your experience grows, you specialized skills grow. But neither experience nor specialized skills indicate a capacity for spiritual receptivity–for making a connection to spirit. More about this later.

There are yet more prerequisites (requirements) for the initiating of an evolutionary soul coming into being.

What Is Involved In Creating Your Soul?

Contrary to what many confused individuals beLIEve in this current era, you are not a soul incarnated into hue-man form, endless recycled in some insane scheme of the God of the Universe to require an eternity of reincarnations in order to qualify for starting your universe career on the higher vibration worlds of the angels and their administrative superiors.

You start out your material experience, never having before existed in the Universe. You are indeed a unique expression of hue-man life. It remains a fact, however, that you are little more than a more highly evolved animal–an electromagnetic chemical based life form.

Neither are you yet in possession of a personality. More about that later on, as well. What you are in possession of is an inherited intelligence, plus mind circuits which originate from our Local Universe Divine Mother.

The 7 Adjutant Mind Circuits

The material hue-man body (life, as we know life) is brought into being by the “spark of life.” The capacity of r brain-neural system circuitry is brought into being by the seven Adjutant Mind spirits of the Local Universe Mother Spirit. These seven mind spirits are the brilliantly burning spirits before the throne of the Holy Spirit (the Local Universe Mother Spirit) Their names are:

1. The Spirit of Intuition (quick insight)-instant knowing),

2. The Spirit of Understanding,

3. The Spirit of Courage,

4. The Spirit of Knowledge,

5. The Spirit of Counsel,

6. The Spirit of Worship (tuning in to the constantly flowing messages of the Paradise Father’s indwelling divine spirit–The Thought Adjuster.

7. The Spirit of Wisdom.

When the natural hue-man brain-circuitry (natural mind) is in contact with all seven of these Adjutant Mind spirits, the individual is said to be functioning collectively under the dominance and over control of the Adjutant Mind spirit of wisdom. Upon this system government acknowledgment and declaration, the individual is encircuited into the Holy spirit of the Local Universe Mother Spirit.

This process may be gradual over the course of a lifetime, before it is achieved. It may also never be achieved in this lifetime, meaning that the individual’s brain-circuitry may be handicapped in some way which prevents receptivity to all seven of the Adjutant Mind spirits.

Thus, the individual may be receptive to and in contact with, e.g., the spirit of intuition, understanding, courage, knowledge and counsel (the progenitors of the five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch), but is incapable of contact with the spirits of worship and wisdom, or any combination of the seven mind spirits, but lacking in receptivity-contact with one or more.

Even the ancient scribe understood the supremacy of wisdom, when he said… “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom: and with all your getting get understanding.” (Proverbs 4:7)

Experiential Wisdom-Insight into Reality is Prerequisite to a Moral Life

From one to eight years of age the child’s brain circuitry can much more easily be programmed, molded, molded and directly according to the beLIEf system, agenda and paradigm held by the external programmer(s).

There are only two possible world views: (1) the view that the world is like a black field on which there are but a few white spots.

Black Field | White Spots (Click to Enlarge)
White Field | Black Spots (Click to Enlarge)

Consider (for crude illustration purposes, only), that both fields contain the same number of spots. But in the black field, the black heavily outweighs the quantity of white. In the second field, the white heavily outweighs the quantity of black.

You have been programmed to view the world in one of these two ways (beLIEf system, agenda, paradigm). Growing up, if the child is responsive to all seven Adjutant Mind spirits, he or she may begin to see the great oxymoron and paradox between these two philosophical views, juxtaposed in any given situation where what is being received into the brain-mind connection doesn’t match a growing perception of truth-reality.

Let us change the names of black field and white field to “evil” and “good.”

My Childhood Experience with Fear of Authority Programming

As the child increasingly develops specialized skills and experience in dealing with life-situational challenges, he or she, by the time five and one-half years of age is reached, begins to more clearly discern the growing disparity between “the rules of conduct ordered for child to mandatorily follow” in lieu of punishment, and “the same rules of conduct which are not followed by adults,” seemingly often without punishment.

Conflicts in Relationships with Adults and Siblings-Peers Often Leads to the First Moral Decision

Growing up, I had a brother who was just a year younger than me. He was born into the world an angry baby. He remained volatile, puerile and hot-headed-ready-to-fight, almost right up to his passing in 2019.

We were opposites. He was right-handed. I was left-handed. He was a hunter. I was an artist. We were like oil and water. The two never mixed well together.

Inevitably, there was intense conflicts between us. Eventually, I broke down on the inside, because I loved my brother and did not want to fight with him. For me, this led to a moment of great internal crisis, in which, sitting on my bed, crying, I called out to God to help me not fight with my brother, anymore.

I look back, now, to see clearly that in that moment, it was an internal desire and decision not to continue fighting with my brother which brought about a great internal shift in self and other perception, which led to a deepening in wisdom-understanding-insight into greater truth-reality of first hand experience and decision-making. And therein lie the keys.

The Keys to Making a Living Connection to the Indwelling Thought Adjuster

The majority of hue-man beings I have ever known and had an opportunity with which to communicate, do no know they have an indwelling divine spirit. This is a divine fragment of the Paradise Father (He who dwells on Paradise at the Geographical and Gravitational Center outside of the Universe of Universes).

When you are indwelt by a Thought Adjuster, the direct presence of Father God is inside your mind, guiding you into all truth, if and when you choose to still your mind long enough to listen.

The Thought Adjuster is your “pilot light.” This pure spirit may also be thought of as your “nuclear center of divine love.” In addition, you ought to view the divine spirit presence of God within you as your thought inspirer, thought leader, one who is continuously trying to reveal greater truth-insights into the reality of your being.

The worship of God is in reality, your tuning in to our Paradise Father’s divine spirit presence–tuning in, as it were, to the…voice of God within you…

The Greatest Threat Hue-man Civilization is Facing, Today

What I view as the single greatest threat hue-man civilization is facing, today, is programmed obedience to external authority.

When I was a child growing up, I early began to experience the oxymoron of the relationship between my dad and me. I continually heard from him… “Son, do as I say, not as I do, or you’ll end up in prison by the time you are 19.”

Dad never obeyed his own dictates of conscience. He was an alcoholic, a philanderer (a man-whore, a womanizer, unfaithful to one woman in marriage), I often wonder if he was referring to himself, or my granddad (whom I never knew), when he said I would end up in jail at 19, if I didn’t obey his rules?

In effect, however, such relationships with parents are dictatorial, not by example, but arbitrarily by force–absolute rule. This amounts to little more than a fascist relationship between property owner and property–chattel.

As I grew in perception, I began to realize that this fascist relationship between property owner and chattel was everywhere present in American family relationships, and indeed, throughout ever facet of societal relationships.

What I have just identified is the “assuming of the right of ownership over another child of God, group of children of God, and over the entire hue-man race.

While it is a fact that Nature does not endow a “right to life” to any life forms on an evolutionary planet of beings, it is also a fact that there is no right to authority of one individual, or group of individuals over another.

While the first (right to life) may be initiated and honored, in accordance with the evolutionary and spiritual progress of a culture and the entire race of hue-man civilization, the second (assuming of the right of power-control over another) is a violation of the First Law of God: no individual has the right of power-control over another.

This is, in effect, a usurpation of sovereignty, the God-given right to govern oneself, and make one’s own decisions of self-determination, unless it violates the right of another or others.

The Pride in Assumption of Power-Control over another child of God is the Great Sin

Sin is a violation of this First Law of God. And behind this violation is pride. So, the saying, “Pride goes before the fall is literally the truth that we may witness in our own immature decision-actions in relationships with others, as well as observing this fall taking place in the lives of those around us.

In fact, it is observable as the past and present “fall of empires.”

All past empires fell under the weight of their great sin of assumption of the right of power-control over the masses of the children of God. And this is observably happening in the present.

So, let’s get down to the root of this sin of pride-assumption of power-control over another or others.

So, Where Does the Pride of Assuming Power over Another or Others Originate?

From the Urantia Book, Paper 48, the second of 28 High Principles of Mortal Philosophy states the following:

48:7.4 2. Few persons live up to the faith which they really have. Unreasoned fear is a master intellectual fraud practiced upon the evolving mortal soul.

As I was gaining in experience with decision-making, I did battle with each of the 28 principles. The reason I battled is because I simply did not understand them, except on an intellectual level of interpretation. Their deeper level of soul-insight eluded me for decades.

So, what is the deeper import–the deeper meaning in this principle?

The first question is: why do so few people live up to the faith which they really have?

Fear is the most powerful force which exists on the purely animal level of hue-manimal existence. Once, you know how to effectively use the hue-manimal’s most basic fears against him, you destroy his faith in the living God to a cowardly abeyance to the mandates of the state. In effect, the individual becomes a worshiper of the power of the State over him.



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