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Post by Thomas Orourke

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Lots of great people have journaled Einstein, DaVinci, Charles Darwin, Benjamin Franklyn This video will provide three types of journaling exercises delivering ideas to journal, to overcome personal problems, for success, and to change your life.
This video will give ideas for these types of Journaling. It will support your journey throughout life, allowing for seeing the bigger picture going forward with an expanded view of your being to a fulfilling, fun and satisfying life.

1. The look and feel of success.

2. Journaling for desires within five years from today.

As an example, I want to have my own business with huge audience where every day I get emails from people that I’ve helped. I want to live in this particular place, town etc., I want to be making a full-time income, doing exactly what I want, …… I want a circle of friends that include…. I want to get enough sleep every night and live healthily, I want to travel to a different country once every year…… As you journal and look at it regularly, what can happen is you start taking actions arounds that platform

3. Barriers journaling exercise

Now, take one of your goals and start writing down every barrier that you perceive are going to get in the way of success. Start writing down the entire process of completing the goal. List the steps in order of development and write what it will take to complete each step along the way to full completion. Start with Ideas of your project, creation needs, development requirements, funding, marketing, every process along the way, describing the possible barriers and note 5 to 10 possible option to overcome each barrier as you write.
As an example, you might study other people doing the same project. What they did as they created their development. This is a great way to get creative ideas and see new ways of doing things to help you with your venture. Search for ideas on the web for general ideas. These are techniques to generate ideas to move through the barriers to your conclusion.

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